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IN ANIMAL WELFARE – Local Halal Slaughter.

Shocking reports have come to light about a Victorian (Australian) slaughterhouse (let’s call these places for what they are) ‘Warnambool’ slaughtering animals without pre-stunning as we have always understood the law to require in this country. As a further example of the Australian government’s, and the Federal Minister for Agriculture Peter McGauran’s preparedness to compromise the welfare of Australian animals in favour of foreign cultures, a review is to be undertaken, because he insists that this practice is legal.

We have all seen the appalling slaughter footage from the Middle East of Australian animals being slaughtered whilst they are fully conscious.


The massive trade in frozen/chilled meat from Australia (far exceeding the value of the live export trade) where the animals HAVE been pre-stunned proves that stunning (rendering them unconscious and insensible to pain) prior to slaughter is not only accepted, but encouraged in accordance with the Muslim religion. For the meat to be halal, amongst other conditions, the animal must not suffer prior to slaughter (therefore how can the wretched misery animals exported live suffer be justified, particularly when they are not slaughtered according to Halal requirements?).

Halal accreditation is provided by the Australian government supervised Muslim slaughter program.

There is no possible excuse for slackening this most basic standard at slaughter. The Australian community must not stand for it. It simply demonstrates the commitment of the government to animal cruelty.

“World’s Best Practice”? Australia fails every time, when there is a dollar to be made from animal suffering.

World's Best Practice – Live Export | Australian Slaughter