Australia and the world is appalled at their gall and arrogance.






As expected: Australian cattle abused and tortured in the Middle East.

It seems while this trade continues to be 'protected' animals will continue to suffer.

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As usual our sheep have been abused and mistreated in Kuwait. A day or so ahead of the annual slaughterfest in the ME, our sheep are again found to have suffered terribly. And where is the Aust Govt? Not at that market.  Where is the MLA representatives? In their offices a block away. Read more


After Saudi Arabia refuses to accept ESCAS, Mr Joyce is considering exempting the nation from the minimal welfare requirements and risk serious abuse and cruelty because, he reckons all slaughtering facilities are government-owned and well run.

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But Mr Joyce wants to resume trade with the oil-rich nation and is considering exempting it from ESCAS because, he says, all slaughtering facilities are government-owned and well run. – See more at:
But Mr Joyce wants to resume trade with the oil-rich nation and is considering exempting it from ESCAS because, he says, all slaughtering facilities are government-owned and well run. – See more at:

4000 sheep cook to death on board the Livestock Shipping Services vessel Bader. The AU Dept of Ag deny a 'cover up'. Read more


"You can’t keep hiding the ugly truth:

Jordan and Gaza are out of control.

In Vietnam cattle have been hit with sledgehammers and had their spines severed.

In Kuwait, Australian sheep are being sold in cruel and unapproved markets.

In Mauritius there is horrendous slaughter of Australian bulls.

Israel, Lebanon, Malaysia, Egypt and Indonesia are all subject to Exporter Supply Chain Assurance Scheme investigations.

The treatment of Australian sheep in Pakistan is the stuff of nightmares." read more


RSPCA National is calling on the Federal Government to act on the ASEL review conducted almost 2 years ago. The review recommends a numaber of changes to improve the welfare of animals yet the Govt appears to have ignored..or is that 'buried' the report so they dont have to act. Read more


"Chief Veterinary Officer’s endorsement of live export trade exposed for lack of science.

A peer reviewed article published recently in The Veterinary Journal has exposed an inherent conflict of interest within the Department of Agriculture." Read more



Merciless Australia wants to start live animal exports to Saudi Arabia even though the Islamic nation is refusing to sign the ESCAS animal welfare protocols. Read more


ABC 7.30 reports on their investigation which has revealed paperwork that suggests false documentation within the live animal export trade.  The Aust Department of Agriculture is now investigating the documentation.  This is a MUST see. Watch the programme or read the transcript


Live animal exports to the Gaza have been banned while merciless Australia investigates horrendous cruelty to AU cattle. Read more

Only way to prevent abuse, torture and cruelty is to STOP sending our live animals to these countries.



"DAFF admits there was no accredited stockman

Twelve months of letters and prompting emails to the Department of Agriculture has finally resulted in an admission from them that, contrary to the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL), there was no accredited stockman on a high mortality voyage from Port Kembla to Madagascar in Dec 2007. The investigation report on this high mortality voyage (High Mortality Voyage 25) makes no mention of this breach, just as the report on High Mortality Voyage 29 fails to mention a similar breach that occurred on the Hereford Express in 2008." Read more


Compliance Investigation Report 10: Performance of the closed loop system for cattle exports to Egypt Read more


Australian Federal Government once again investigates alleged horrific cruelty to our cattle in Egypt; a nation considered to be a most brutal country, and comes up with a recommendation to implement ESCAS. Read more


According to Federal DAFF, nearly 15000 sheep and cattle died in live export transports with Middle East the deadliest route Read more


The 12 yr Ocean Drover started its routine voyage with 42000 sheep and 6000 cattle on board from Fremantle on Jan 20 2014 destined for Israel and Jordan. A few days after leaving Fremantle the ship breaks down off Cocos Is where it remained for 72 hrs. Now the world is told that 30 sheep were dying per day as the vessel limps toward its destination. Because the deaths have reached 2% for sheep, the Australian Government must investigate.  And we all know how it goes…DAFF wait for a disaster, they investigate and they set conditions on the next shipment. Never a mention of denying a permit. Animal welfare really isn’t that important!   Read ABC article


No matter how much suffering, brutality or cruelty our Australian animals ensure, the most this current Government has done is to 'impose conditions' onto the exporter concerned. 4000 sheep COOKED ALIVE on board the Bader yet this Govt allows them to load again with conditions. As if it will make any difference.

Read the DAFF investigation 

 and read the VALE media release to know why the conditions are in reality meaningless.


Vets Against Live Export issue their media release:


Heat stress deaths predictable and inevitable

The deaths of over 4000 sheep due to heat stroke during a live export voyage to the Middle East in 2013 shows that there is a significant risk of heat stress and that the government is prepared to accept these high mortalities.

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Another Livestock Shipping Services disaster:

4000 sheep cooked alive on board the MV Bader.

What will happen to the exporter who is facing at least two other investigations? Live Export Shame believes NOTHING because this government hasnt the courage to suspend their licence. So how many more disasters and how much more suffering must our animals endure before this profit driven brutal trade is stopped?  Read more




Australian bull being "knee-capped" by a man armed with an assault rifle, another stabbed in the eye and others having their throats hacked open in the streets of the Palestinian territory of Gaza.

LSS, owned by Jordanian company Hijazi and Ghosheh Group, acknowledged that the cattle might have come from its shipments to Israel.  This company owns the Maysora which berthed at the Port of Fremantle 11.12.2013 to load yet more animals for overseas.


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According to the CEO of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council “…it is Australia’s on the ground presence in markets that is showing people a better way to handle and respect livestock”.

Do tell the world Ms Penfold, where the hell was the Australian livestock industry when this carnage was going on? Read more


it is Australia’s on the ground presence in markets that is showing people a better way to handle and respect livestock. – See more at:
it is Australia’s on the ground presence in markets that is showing people a better way to handle and respect livestock. – See more at:"

Opposition federal Labor is calling for the export licenses of some livestock companies to be suspended while investigations are carried out into a shocking case of animal cruelty in the Middle East. Read more


         Australian exporter Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) under investigation again after footage of Australian bulls being brutally slaughtered in Mauritius is handed to Federal Dept of Agriculture. Mauritius cruelty


Cruel animal slaughter  exposed again Read more

Animals Australia photo



Yet another disaster: Livestock Shipping Sevices is the exporter of the 49 cattle which suffocated during a flight from Melbourne to Almaty in Kazakhstan.

According to the article the cattle were loaded into crates, then the crates were placed into the plane one on top of the other, the cattle held in the top crates suffocated. ".. ammonia became the source of poisonous vapors. And they suffocated because of insufficient supply of oxygen" . Read more

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49 Australian cows suffocate during flight to Almaty   49 Australian cows suffocate during flight to Almaty


Just released: A scientific paper published in The Veterinary Journal Open Access Articles

Heat stress: A major contributor to poor animal welfare associated with long-haul live export voyages

Read the paper


7.8.2013: Australian exporter Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) is under investigation for alleged cruelty breaches.

The video taken in Israel shows sheep being kicked, dragged and flogged by staff as they were discharging the animals from the ship. Read more


Why is Australia more concerned with profit than with the extreme suffering endured by our animals in overseas slaughterhouses? Why have we not banned the use of full inversion stunning boxes? Read more

More torture of Australian cattle caught on film by another Egyptian veterinarian at another Egyptian slaughterhouse. Read the rest

Disturbing images of animal cruelty, reportedly involving Australian cattle, have emerged from Egypt.

"Unconscionable cruelty'' to Australian animals  caught on film in two Egyptian slaughterhouses accredited to slaughter AU cattle. The facilities have been decsribed by the live export industry as "state of the art"Read more


Never to be forgotten:

In September 2012 thousands of Australian sheep were clubbed, stabbed and buried alive in pits in Pakistan. Their brutal treatment and deaths have been recorded as amongst the worst atrocities against animals within the live export trade. 

After what we believe to be a 'Claytons' Investigation (that is an 'investigation' when there isnt an investigation) conducted by the Australian Department of Agriculture the exporter escapes judgement and penalty. Read more.


Graphic footage: Australian sheep being dragged and slaughtered in the feedlot in Pakistan.


NOTE: The AAV stands for AQIS Accredited Vet – this is a vet who is either chosen, contracted and paid by the exporter or in the employ of the exporter.  The AAV is a government (AQIS) vet.



Australia fails to comply with even the very basic OIE recommendations which state that electric shock prodders should not be used on sheep and goats.  Footage taken at the Port of Fremantle during late 2010 and 2011.  It seems the use of prodders on animals is part of routine handling…


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