We thank CIWF (Compassion in World Farming - UK) and Animals Angels (Germany) for the video footage they have supplied to Live Export Shame.

We also thank Peta TV (People for the Ethical Treament of Animals - USA) for generously providing the Internet Media Streaming service for these videos.

Click on the Title to play video. If you are having difficulty viewing the video clip in Windows Media Player, try changing the preferences to Real Player or Quicktime; alternatively you may download the .zip file to your computer (note: .zip files are large)


This CIWF video shows what really happens to animals; how they are brutally transported and slaughtered, from and in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

( courtesy of CIWF | streaming by PetaTV )

Download .zip file (87Mb)


View Transportation of Cattle from the Northern Territory, Australia

Australian cattle transported in appalling conditions..this video shows the mistreatment they endure on the way to Asia...

( courtesy of Animals Angels | streaming by PetaTV )

Download .zip file (79Mb)


View Dealco Slaughterhouse - Philippines

Australian cattle readied for slaughter. The large Aussie cattle are disabled by inflicting injury to their front legs, making it easier for the slaughtermen to slit their throats then butcher them.....

( courtesy of Animals Angels | streaming by PetaTV )

Download .zip file (24Mb)






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