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  • Nov 2006, 6-7am - Here's the Truth !! THESE ARE AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS - filmed in the Zofar quarantine in Southern Israel - many thanks to

    quicktime movie | windows media | view photos

    Israel bans Australian shipments - read news article 1 & 2
    view Animals Australia press release

  • 9 Oct 2006 - The Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt (SPARE) sends An Open Letter to Prime Minister Howard and the Australian People about Live Animal Exports to Egypt - read it here
  • 5 June 2006 -House of Representatives notice of Question: The Member for Barton, Mr McClelland, to ask the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - questions
  • 10 Nov 2005 - <b>Historic charges laid by police in epic complaint</b> - West Australian Police acting on behalf of the WA Government and the Office of the WA State Solicitor have laid animal cruelty charges against a leading WA live export company for breaching the WA Animal Welfare Act. read media release
  • 2 Nov 2005 - Another Bader II disaster - this is still happening despite all government assurances & guarantees read story and view graphic photos
  • 23 Oct 2005 - The MV Maysora fully loaded with up to 80,000 live sheep on board has been delayed off Fremantle WA since Saturday 15 October - see photo
  • 26 Sept 2005 - CARMEL- Animal cruelty is rampant across America and is a valuable predictor of current and future violent individuals. The FBI describes the triad of being abused as a child, reacting by torturing animals read more
  • 9 Sept 2005 - Media Release from Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania - 10 Sept 2005
  • 13 Aug 2005 - An End to the Current Practice of Mulesing in the Australian Wool Flock ? negotiation to resolve the current issues between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (“PETA”) and the Australian merino wool industry click here to read details
  • 24 June 2005 - The Anglican Society letter to The High Cornmissioner for Australia read letter (57Kb .pdf)
  • 17 June 2005 - Cheap Trick Wirth; tries to deflect attention away from the self serving RSPCA’s own deficiencies read more (1Mb .pdf)
  • 3 June 2005 - Group Launches Ad Campaign Showing Why Sheep From Australia Are Not Halal read more see also Peta video (in Arabic with English subtitles)
  • 23 May 2005 - Govt will finally investigate historic live export cruelty more.
  • 6 May 2005 - Congratulations to Ralph Hahnheuser - Acquital on causing economic loss to more.
  • Canberra 'hid' ship livestock deaths
  • Peta President Ingrid Newkirk replies to critics
  • ABC National - Mulesing, Peta & AWI
  • Smart farmer, clever attitude. No more mulesing for his sheep.
  • Islamic Feast slaughter...cruel and inhumane
  • ABC News - Wool growers reject PETA peace offer
  • Senator Andrew Bartlett speaks on Adjournment; Wool Industry and Mulesing
  • 5 May 2005 - Live export to Saudi will cost frozen trade to Saudi and Aussie job losses will be more
  • 25 April 2005 - Wool industry caught out telling woppers about mulesing spray! click here to read the truth...
  • 27 Jan 2005 - Supreme Court order granted in WA live export case - Director general found to have case to answer
  • 25 Jan 2005 Complaint lodged with West Australian Crime and Corruption Commission against senior public servant
  • A Doctor's view on compassion
  • Peta launches Benetton Cruelty campaign
  • Double standards in meat industry safety vs live trade
  • PR Ploy: Name changes to live export ships..
  • Animals Australia removes historic live export complaint from WA RSPCA - then lodges complaint with Government
  • Warning on animal welfare - Countryman 29 July 2004
  • Animals Australia removes historic live export complaint from WA RSPCA - then lodges complaint with Government
  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Legislation Amendment (Export Control) Bill 2004
  • 3,300 cattle stranded in Jordan  | "is this another Cormo Express ?"
  • Animal Farm Tonight on SBS Insight (12 Oct 2004) what happens to animals behind closed doors....
  • Israel Acts on Live Exports - Animals Australia 2 August 2004
  • New Live Corp directors named - Countryman 29 July 2004
  • Live Trade dire, says Livecorp chief - Countryman 24 June 2004
  • Sky will not fall on WA - West Australian 17th April 2004
  • Animal Transport..."The Silent Ark", please read....
  • Senator Andrew Bartlett speech to Senate - 31 March 2004


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