Live Export Shame - Cruelty Gallery - May 2003 Transport of Sheep & Cattle (unloaded in Jordan)

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The photos below are kindly supplied by Anonymous for Animal Rights. They were taken in May 2003, at the Arava Border Crossing and outside the Zofar Quarantine area.

The port and city at which the ships used to offload animals destined for Israel and Jordan and perhaps other destinations was Aqaba. From there the animals were trucked to the Arava Border Crossing, between Israel and Jordan, which is not far.

The Israeli Government has now banned any live import through the port of Aqaba and so now the ships will have to offload the animals destined for Israel and the Palestinian Authority in Israel itself - at the Eilat port in the city with the same name.

The scenes depict quite clearly that there have been very limited improvements to reduce the suffering and death of Australian animals. There is, according to our sources, less brutality, that is; no throwing of animals in the air and less beating of the sheep and cattle with pipes. However, beatings still do occur, kicking the sheep and cattle, legs of the animals are getting caught in the rails, very frightened animals are running back and forth and the animals are expected to use steep ramps which they do not like.

There are photos of conditions in both 2001 and 2002, at Arava Border crossing for both cattle and sheep, on previous pages of the photo gallery.

02-Anon -May-2003-Aust-cattl
02-Anon -May-2003-Aust-cattl.jpg
03-Anon-May-2003 -Aust-cattl
03-Anon-May-2003 -Aust-cattl.jpg
04-Anon -May-2003-Aust-cattl
04-Anon -May-2003-Aust-cattl.jpg
10-Anon-May-2003 -dead-catt
10-Anon-May-2003 -dead-catt.jpg