Israeli Government Acts
on Animals Australia’s Concerns

Interest expressed in replacing live export with chilled trade

The Israeli government, acting upon concerns raised with them by Animals Australia and its international colleagues, has announced that it will no longer allow the importation of Australian animals into Israel via the port of Aqaba in Jordan.

Animals Australia and Israeli colleagues Anonymous for Animals Rights had highlighted to the Israeli government the extended suffering endured by animals during truck-to-truck transfers and security delays at the border, then onward road transport from Jordan to Israel. Long delays in extreme heat without animals having access to food and water often occurred. 

As a result of these welfare concerns, the Israeli government has announced that imported animals must be imported directly into the Israeli port of Eilat.

Australian’s last year were horrified by footage supplied by Animals Australia to the media showing the throwing of sheep from truck to truck at the Israeli/Jordanian border. 

In a further positive development towards Animals Australia’s goal of replacing live exports to the Middle East with a carcase trade – discussions have commenced with an Israeli livestock importer who has expressed interested in trialling shipments of Australian beef as an alternative to importing live cattle. 

“We are pleased to have had our concerns acted upon by the Israeli government. However, even more heartening was to be contacted by an Israeli importer concerned about the suffering of animals during the long sea journey. The company is keen to explore the alternative of importing Australian meat into Israel”, said Glenys Oogjes, Executive Director, Animals Australia.

“These are encouraging developments showing that countries and individuals dealing with live animals are taking note of our concerns. ”

N.B. Australia exported 43,482 cattle and 116,409 sheep to Israel in 2003. (source LiveLink Feb 2004)



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