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Animal Welfare Unit and YOU!

The Animal Welfare Act 2002 allows for the review of the attached Codes of Practice and or Codes of Conduct as required. The idea is that each code that governs each area of animal use is updated in keeping with society expectation and scientific advances.

The Government intents to review approximately 10 codes before the end of the year. The public will be invited to put in a submission.

A final decision has yet to be made as to exactly which codes they will review, but of course should the public demand certain codes be included in those 10, the Dept of Local Government, which governs the Animal Welfare Unit, will take more notice.

If animal lovers want to be heard, it is vital that we send letters in, by POST rather than fax or email please, detailing our concerns, reasons why and what we want to be done about it.

Please keep the letters concise, factual if possible, (heartfelt letters are fine, but including facts aids in the relevance of the letter) keeping to one or two pages.

Send these to:
Dr Jeni Hood
Manager Animal Welfare and Scientific Inspector
Dept of Local Government and Regional Development
GPO Box R1250
Perth 6844

We have been assured all letters will be answered. Dr Hood does not have the power to change the law, only the politicians can do that but she does have influence. We need to use that influence to our advantage for the betterment of the animals.

It is imperative that all of us send in our letters outlining our concerns stating our desired outcome, so that this unit is quite clear on the issues that need to be addressed.

If enough letters are received on the issues surrounding the transportation of animals then it is more likely that these codes will be included for review before the end of 2003. The codes will then be open for public submission and it is up to us again to say what we want. This is NO TIME for APATHY. If we do not do it, no one else will!

For factual information to help you, contact PACAT..

The ANIMALS depend on our participation even if we must do it more than once. For society to progress it takes repetitive action. It will NOT happen unless we make it happen!!



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