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The October 2006 voyage of the “Maysora” is only one of five voyages for the reporting period investigated by AQIS.

In February 2006, the ageing “Al Messiah” left Devonport in Tasmania with more than 71,000 sheep (as well as some cattle) on board, 1,632 of whom died on the marathon 27 day voyage to four destination ports. AQIS attributed their deaths largely to “inanition” (the industry’s terminology for starvation). Live Export Shame Tasmania has been able to confirm that at least a number of the sheep were not given the statutory period in the feedlot to accustom them to the pelletized food they were to be fed on the ship.

The brief AQIS report for the 2006 provides summary details other voyages on which more than the “acceptable” number of animals died. It includes:

  • A consignment of goats to Malaysia (January 2006), on which the goats died because of “rapid feed changes and extended time on the (unnamed) ship due to maintenance problems

  • A shipment of cattle to Kuwait and the UAE (February 2006, 24 days), on which the cattle died as a result of “movement of cows between registered premises and insufficient space for hospital pens”

  • A shipment of cattle to Korea in March 2006, on which the cattle died from heat stress and humidity.

The AQIS report suggests that IN ALL CASES other than the voyage to Korea, the animals were not provided with the statutory period in feedlots to prepare them for the dusty pellets they were to be fed on ships. This “statutory period” is contained in the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock, and it is MANDATORY.

These are Standards developed by the exporters themselves, and they cannot even comply with MINIMUM standards.

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