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IN ANIMAL WELFARE – Local Slaughter.

‘World's best practice', ‘World class standards' are phrases invented by farmers and animal processing industries to try to improve the public perception of their respective industries. They are used by the Australian Federal Government and various industry bodies to claim Australia is the very best in the world at animal welfare. But the facts tell a very different story than the one they promote!

Australian Local Halal Slaughter
Shocking reports have come to light about a Victorian (Australian) slaughterhouse ‘Warnambool’ slaughtering animals without pre-stunning as we have always understood the law to require in this country. As a further example of the Australian government’s, and the Federal Minister for Agriculture Peter McGauran’s preparedness to compromise the welfare of Australian animals in favour of foreign cultures, a review is to be undertaken, because he insists that this practice is legal – read more

Animal Liberation Victoria – Slaughterhouse Investigation
An ALV investigator went undercover at a Victorian chicken slaughterhouse for several days, and documented horrific and routine cruelty to animals – read more.

Report on the Welfare of Farmed Animals at Slaughter or Killing
extract from the "Report on the Welfare of Farmed Animals at Slaughter or Killing" by the (UK) Farm Animal Welfare Council. (link to PDF file) It is clear that the Council considered in depth the welfare implications of slaughtering animals without stunning and the Council clearly recommends that such slaughter causes such a compromise the welfare of, (not to say terror, pain and sufferingto) these animals that these practices must cease. Not even the big dollars can justify this cruelty – read more


World's Best Practice – Live Export | Australian Slaughter