A disaster by any other name

To show how far the live export trade, and specifically its shipping partners, are prepared to go to try to sanitise the industry, liveexportshame.com has uncovered the following startling facts:

Vroon BJ, the Dutch shipping company which operates the majority of livestock carriers from Australia has changed the names of the following disaster ships (on the basis that you can take the ship out of the disaster but you can't take the disaster out of the ship?):

Former Name


"Cormo Express" (built 1978)

"Corriedale Express" (built 1970)

"Temburong" (built 1981)

"Carabao 1" (built 1974)

"Amelia" (built 1972)

"Camira" (built 1980)

"Felicia" (built 1982)

"Levin" (built 1981)

"Lis E" (built 1990)

"Janet 1" (built 1979)

"Dealco 1" (built )

"Merino Express"


"Angus Express"

"Charolais Express" (Mark II)

"Galloway Express" (scrapped)

"Kerry Express"

"Lincoln Express"

"Limousin Express"

"Sahiwal Express"

"Jersey Express"

"Hereford Express"

Vroon BJ purchased these ships from Labroy Shipping Singapore in 2004.

Greenpeace has selected 50 ships which might be scrapped soon
including the Cormo Express

Of the ships listed above, the following have records of detentions for major defects in Australia under the Tokyo Memorandum of Understanding:-

"Kenoz" (as the "Corriedale Express") April 2004

"Galloway Express" (as the "Amelia") June 1995, now broken up

"Sahiwal Express" (as the "Lis E") May 1999, August 2001, September 2002

Another ship which has been re-birthed (but is not operated by Vroon BJ) is the "Falcon", now the "Falconia"detained in 1998 in Australia with the following defect list: "Ship's side shell frames wasted, watertight bulkheads holed".

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