Another disaster for the animals!

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A shipment of calves left Australia destined for Gaza and Israel.

The following photos clearly demonstrate how cruel and unnecessary this trade is. The photos show 3 very young steers having collapsed onto the floor of the trucks and subsequently being trampled. All are covered in faeces and urine - view video

370 or so young steers arrived in Eilat Israel mid October from aboard the Bader III. The sheep the ship carried were destined for Jordan. The exporter: Livestock Shipping Services of Western Australia and the Bader III are owned by Hijezi & Gosheh Co - Jordan.

After two weeks at the quarantine terminal at Eilat Israel, some animals were loaded aboard trucks – with no room to move or lie down, for transport to Gaza. In order to get to Gaza the animals must pass through the Karni Terminal – crossing point between Israel and the Palestinian Authority's Territories.

It is at this point where the trucks stopped moving and the steers remained on board without water or feed for over 24 hours, exposed to weather. The authorities manning the checkpoint did not allow the trucks with the live cattle to pass claiming the consignment was not co ordinated in advance and blaming those on the Palestinian side who started late and finished work early because of Ramadan.

The importers blame the checkpoint authorities who failed to allow the animals to continue on through to Gaza however, but according to our source the Israeli Veterinary Services stated that ‘security problems’ were the reason for the delay and that ‘everything was pre arranged according to regular procedures and they did all they could to get the animals across the border’. Still the Israeli Veterinary Services have no solution to this problem. The simple answer such as unloading the animals at a temporary holding facility makes common sense even though this is not the first time there has been long delays for trucks with animal aboard due to check point closures without prior announcement.

The latest report is that the cement trucks were given priority to enter the terminal over LIVE ANIMALS and it was not until the animal welfare workers who monitored and reported this serious incident intervened that the checkpoint authorities allowed the trucks with Australian steers to continue.

As for the remaining calves still in quarantine near Eilat, the Veterinary Services decided to hold their transport to Gaza until this disastrous incident is discussed and clear arrangements are reached between the relevant authorities regarding the way animal consignments are handled.

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